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Guard Tour Systems

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Guard Tour Systems

Guard Tour Systems from Guardus have 5 key benefits:

  1. Provide Proof of Presence: guard tour systems ensure that the guards are in the correct location/s to provide the safe environment expected by staff and visitors.
  2. Increased Accountability:  Track movement of security personnel and ensure that all security checkpoints are visited on time.
  3. Increased Productivity: Keep guards moving so that they cover more ground in less time. Eliminate clerical errors via automatic electronic data collection.
  4. Reduce Theft & Vandalism: Comprehensive patrolling reduces break-ins and damage.
  5. Minimise Liability: Provides audit trails and management reports that prove the historical presence of guards. Guard tour systems record ‘Incident’ reporting. Provides a record of the guard’s performance to support any disciplinary requirements.

Components of a Modern Guard Tour System

1. An electronic handheld recording device commonly known as a ‘wand’ that is carried by the guard.

2. i-Buttons (on right in picture) and/or RFID Tags (on left in picture) that are placed at strategic locations around your building or property. The wand is touched against the i-Buttons and RFID tags to record the fact that the guard has visited each location.

3. PC based software for receiving, sorting, storing and reporting on all of the data captured via the wand.



Contronics was founded in 1995 with the purpose of becoming a world leader in the design & manufacturing of electronic products and guard tour systems aimed at the security market. Committed to product excellence, Contronics offers reliable, high quality solutions, which meet the most stringent international quality criteria. The flagship of their suite of products is called Guardus. The Guardus guard tour system is a user friendly and tamper proof solution to managing the performance of a mobile workforce.


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The Guardus guard tour system support software, PROGuard-i, generates multiple types of reports which enables the user to conduct a thorough check of the information collected by the Guardus hardware. All reports are easily readable and provide a comprehensive level of detail for management. The reports cannot be edited.


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In addition to the Guardus guard tour system hardware & software Contronic's provides a range of stylish, functional accessories that substantially increase the functionality and benefits of the Guardus system.


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