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Managing Keys for Property, Vehicles and Equipment

If your organisation has an issue with managing keys; could suffer the immense implications of what would happen if they were lost or wants to avoid the costs that would be incurred in such a case:- Traka could be your solution

Traka, winner of the UK Health & Safety in the Environment Award 2007; Manufacturing & Industry,  has a range of Electronic Key Management solutions that will control who can gain access to keys, restrict individual key usage to users with authorisation, provide a full audit of key activity and generate numerous easy to use reports based on user information logged at the time of taking or returning keys.

      • Cabinets managing between 10 and 360 keys, in 3 modular sizes          
      • Multiple cabinets can be networked for large sites with more keys
      • Cabinets can be managed centrally or remotely from a single PC
      • User profiles and key details configured in MS Access or SQL

What distinguishes a Traka solution - individual keys can be set with a curfew, or restricted time access so as to manage usage, perhaps for cleaners or service staff; or pre-booked, perhaps for reserving a vehicle.  User information can be defined, such as licence (or qualification) expiry date, so keys are automatically made unavailable.  User information can be recorded when keys are returned, such as mileage, defects or where repairs are needed.  Keys managing vehicles with dangerous faults reported, or keys managing equipment reported broken, can immediately be locked-out so they are unavailable to anyone other than a service engineer.

     • Systems configurable giving multi-user access to one or more keys, each with their own parameters
     • Unique time access controls for different user groups; for shift patterns, curfew limits or restrictions
     • User license or qualification expiry dates configured to prevent users gaining unauthorised key access
     • Key booking options for scheduling of equipment, access to rooms or the servicing of vehicles
     • Central control for managing key usage, reporting on key usage, mileage and utilisation statistics

Why Traka solutions are used to manage the enterprise – it’s a thought provoking read ! Traka solutions are used in organisations across a wide range of market sectors, some businesses want to manage their keys better for security reasons, others want to ensure Health and Safety compliance and Duty of Care in the Workplace; many organisations significantly reduce costs by cutting down on administration time or improving shift start-up times with keys always available 24/7  It’s not uncommon for clients to make comments like … “we were able to redeploy 4 staff immediately and save over £95,000 in vehicle administration in the first year”  or comments such as … “the sense of ownership Traka has introduced, knowing every key is traceable, has cut our incident damage bills by £2,5000 per quarter”   Quite impressive for systems that can cost from as little as $5,000 to install and configure.  As used by organisations such as:

     • Local Authorities for Fleet Vehicles                            • Distribution Centres                                • Casinos
     • Police Forces & Emergency Services                       • Central Government                                • Financial Institutions
     • Prisons & Secure Units                                               • Engineering Works                                  • Mining & Oil Industries
     • Hospitals, Libraries and Schools                              • Haulage & Fleet Transportation            • Car Dealerships         

Wanting a good idea of Traka applications implemented and in use today?   See client video testimonials on the Traka web site:- or phone 1300 666 108


Managing YOUR Fleet, Easily, Quickly, Effectively with Minimal Time & Maximum Cost Savings…

Effective and efficient vehicle management is crucial to modern Fleet management. The frustration of lost keys, damage to vehicles, untraceable drivers of road traffic offences, poor utilisation of cars and vans, part filled out log books, too many hire cars and the location of the pool car - just a few management dilemmas. 
Do you recognise these problems?  How are you tackling them?

The Traka solution . . .

For the first time, we now have control over our fleet.”  Phil Norris – Kent Police, UK

14 Reasons why you need Traka

  •  Instant identification of current and previous drivers of the vehicle and a full history of all keys issued.
  • Keys only released to drivers who are licensed to drive that vehicle.
  • Pre-operational checks can be recorded electronically.
  • Damage to vehicles can be recorded and logged instantly. (The system will force the driver to input this information. Some users reported a 50% reduction in accidental damage to vehicles as a direct result of implementing the Traka Key Management system). 
  • Drivers will take responsibility and ownership of the vehicle they are driving as they know this information is being recorded.
  • Mileage and fuel logging can be recorded instantly. (The system will force the driver to input this information).
  • Road traffic offences including speeding fines, parking tickets etc can be allocated to the driver quickly, efficiently and without doubt by interrogating the system history. (This could save several  hours each week for every fleet manager trying to collate log book information).
  • Driver permits can be controlled simply and easily with the ability to “prevent access” to a driver whose licence has expired.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time it takes the vehicle/fleet manager to collate information and run management reports.
  • Manage vehicle fleet administration information simply and easily.
  • Fully audited key, vehicle and driver history. (No more lost paperwork or missing information!).
  • Significant reductions in hire vehicle costs and better utilisation of your existing fleet. (Poor utilisation of your existing fleet and the expense of hiring vehicles can be one of the biggest cost burdens.) 
  • Can be used for many other associated activities including storage of 2-way radios, mobile data terminals and building keys

Fantastic ! Traka has reduced our vehicle damage by over 50%”

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