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RLE Introduces Two Cost-Effective Environmental Monitoring Systems to Mitigate Risks to Critical Infrastructure

The Falcon F-Series systems offer optimal integration capabilities and early warning notification


 RLE Technologies has announced the release of the Falcon F-Series: the F1000, and F3400. These stand alone systems enable remote environmental monitoring of critical operating parameters via embedded firmware that handles all data collection, alarm reporting, and multiple concurrent communication mediums. The standard F-Series systems allow for direct 'plug-and-play' (PnP) integration with up to eight RLE SeaHawk leak detection systems via Modbus connectivity. Notably, these cost effective systems offer the most integration capabilities with existing Network Management Systems (NMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS). The F3400 and F1000 are available now.


"More capability and function for less. That's what the F-Series offers," said Mike Orlich, President of RLE Technologies. The F-Series systems enable real time, web-based monitoring, integration with any NMS (via SNMP), and support for IP surveillance camera links. Both the F1000 and F3400 accommodate up to 4 analog, 4 digital (dry contact) or thermistor signals. The F3400 allows for an additional 24 digital inputs. Inputs can be used to monitor simple contact closure signals such as summary alarms, thermistor temperature sensors, or analog inputs (4-20mA) that provide variable information such as temperature, humidity, voltage, current or pressure.


"Businesses looking to avoid pending problems due to environmental factors realise that early warning is imperative," said Orlich, "and the F-Series systems allow for immediate notification of key personnel." Notification can be sent via SNMP traps, e-mail, and/or pages. Also, with an optional internal modem, a standard phone line can be used to dial out alarms.

The F-Series systems are ideal for data centres, remote network facilities, clean rooms, communication centres, unmanned facilities, and many other critical environments.

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