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Environmental Monitoring Services

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24/7/365 monitoring centre

Today, threats to a company's ICT system are not just urban legends they are very real risks. But threats to a system don't just come in the form of security breaches. Other factors such as environmental disasters, changes in temperature or humidity, or water leaks can have effects that are equally as damaging to a company's productivity. So how do you best protect your company from a long list of dangerous variables?


Secure Edge Technologies (SET) 24 hour Service Management Centre offers a full suite of products and services designed to ease the burden of monitoring and maintaining complex, dispersed technical environments. These include:

  • Unparalleled technical expertise and processes.
  • Comprehensive service management tools 
  • Quantifiable service level agreements and key performance indicators.
  • Dedication to responsive, unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

Isn't there a better way? Wouldn't it be more effective and productive to have your ICT personnel spending time on improving and innovating your systems, rather than serving as watchdogs? That is why SET has developed powerful monitoring solutions that constantly and automatically guard your critical business equipment and systems.

These solutions monitor physical conditions, such as temperature and humidity changes, water and gas leakage, intrusion and tampering, and current and/or voltage fluctuations.
With these monitoring services, SET can help you:

  • Reduce network and equipment downtime
  • Increase ICT staff bandwidth 
  • Improve response-to-resolution time 
  • Increase productivity across your entire organisation

A 24/7/365 monitoring centre to safeguard your critical infrastructure.

Contact SET for more information on or 1300 666 108.

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