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Water Leak Detection Systems

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SeaHawk Water Detection System

Protect your mission-critical facilities against water-related problems                            

with real-time monitoring and alarming: and know what's going on immediately.

       • Early detection of potential water problems 

       • Immediate, flexible notification 

       • Less downtime








LD5200 Distance Read Panel

Protecting a facility from damaging leaks is an important part of any disastermitigation plan. The LD5200 pairs superior leak detection technology with an easy- to-use interface. This integration helps users quickly and efficiently establish a distance-real leak detection system that reliably protects valuable assets.

The LD5200 was designed with the end-user in mind. A replacement for the recentlyretired LD5100, al basic device functionality is available from the LCD touch screen - configure, monitor, locate, and acknowledge leaks from the front panel of the LD5200. The LD5200 can be used as a stand-alone device without sacrificing any leak detection or alarm notification functionality.




LDRA6 monitors up to 6 zones

TheLDRA6 accommodates six inputs that can be configured for zone water detection or as remote alarm annunciators. An LDRA6 can monitor both leaks & alarms generated by networked equipment.

As a zone leak detection solution, the LDRA6 is compatible with SeaHawk sensing cables and SeaHawk SD-Z & SD-Z1 spot detectors. This allows the LDRA6 to detect the presence of water, conductive fluids, and chemicals. When a leak is detected, the LDRA6 annunciates an alarm for the corresponding zone.

Each of the LDRA6's six zones can accomodate up to 305m of sensing cable or one or more spot detectors. One leader cable is required for EACH ZONE of leak detection.






Falcon F200 Monitoring System

This innovative NEW product couples leak detection and facility monitoring in oneplug-and-play package.

Designed to be simple, effective, and efficient, the F200 monitors environmental parameters and protects facilities from disastrous consequences.


SeaHawk LDZ Panel

RLE's SeaHawk LDZ Zone Water Leak Detection products provide additional flexibility to detect and report the presence of water and any other conductive liquids.

All LDZ products can be used with RLE's patented water leak detection cable for up to 100’ per zone, as well as with RLE’s SeaHawk SD-Z spot detectors.Moreover, both cable and spot detectors can be Integrated into a single SeaHawk LDZ panel.


SeaHawk Spot Water Leak Detectors

RLE's SeaHawk Spot Water Leak Detection products (SD series) provide the most cost-effective way to report the presence of water and any other conductive liquid.


SeaHawk Water Leak Detection Cable

RLE's patented (PAT. 6,144,209) SeaHawk water leak detection cable reliably senses any conductive fluid. The unique design helps eliminate false alarms, dries quickly, resists bends and kinks, and lies flat after installation.


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