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Water Leak & Gas Leak Detection Systems

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RLE Technologies was founded in 1984, as Raymond and Lae Engineering Inc. RLE started out by supplying high quality, custom water leak detection systems to the growing computer industry. With the demands of the computer and telecommunications industries, RLE realised a need for a product that could remotely monitor environmental parameters at mission-critical sites. In 1992, this vision paved the way for the introduction of the EMR1000, the forerunner of the Falcon (see below).

RLE has grown due to its ability to provide the most technologically advanced, highest quality water and gas leak detection systems to its growing customer base. More importantly, RLE strives to understand customer needs and provide cost effective, technologically advanced solutions to address these needs. Today, RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection systems and web-based monitoring solutions for mission-critical facilities. Since 1984, RLE has sold over 3 million feet of water leak detection cable and more than 10,000 monitoring systems to data centres,  computer rooms, telecommunications site, clean rooms, and remote (unmanned) sites.

RLE’s customers look to the 19 years of corporate experience to continue to deliver unmatched innovation at unbeatable value.
The unique, reliable and patented water and gas monitoring solutions enable businesses to immediately lower their operating cost and protect their critical infrastructure equipment such as HVAC systems, UPS, battery banks, generators, PDUs, and switchgear. RLE provide advanced products, technologies, and solutions for reliable, cost-effective, "user-friendly" monitoring, including the patented SeaHawk leak detection technology and our Falcon web-based monitoring and alarm notification.


The RLE product family includes:

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Falcon Monitoring Systems and Sensors

Find out what is going on with your equipment across all your facilities, including your remote and unmanned locations. Protect against business outages and interruptions that are caused by physical factors such as power, fire, environment, and security machinery - which account for up to 50% of all causes. Manage your infrastructure machinery with anytime, anywhere access to the real-time status using only your web browser via the Internet and/or dial-in ‘phone line. Working 24x7, the Falcon can monitor equipment status and summary alarms, temperature, humidity, water and gas pressure, flow levels, and security sensors. It incorporates web-based monitoring, alarms, multi-protocol notification, flexible threshold setting, and data logging in one robust package. 
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SeaHawk Water Leak Detection

Know what is happening in your water infrastructure. Avoid water-related problems that account for up to 27% of all business outages. Choose from a broad array of water leak detection solutions that provide the reliability, flexibility, scalability, and affordability to meet your specific needs. 

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