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Contronics Technologies Contronics Technologies began developing products based on iButton technology that were targeted towards flow and activity control, primarily for Guard Tour control. With an ability to develop innovative concepts for the global security market Contronics has now moved away from the standard Guard Tour control model and has developed Guardus G3, a truly electronic supervisor. Guardus G3 actually guides the patrol officers in their activities and allows supervisors to monitor the performance of each officer.

Guardus G3

Guardus G3

Guardus G3 is the most advanced and versatile wand available. Guardus G3 utilises iButton contact memory technology and is powered by a single 9 volt battery that can be easily replaced by the user. Guardas G3 has its own internal database and all data processing takes place within the wand.Guardus G3 is manufactured from extremely robust and rigid materials, and all electronic components are protected by a special resin that provides water and shock resistance.

This remarkable internal data processing ability allows Guardas G3 to:

  • Program tour schedules and checkpoints.
  • Use sound effects to start, guide and stop a tour.
  • Report on the performance of the patrol officer without the use of computers or printed reports.
  • Check on the battery charge.
  • Transfer files amongst PCs & wands.
  • Be integrated with any monitoring system.
  • The database can be downloaded to a PC when hard copy reports are required. A complete memory transfer takes about 10 seconds.

Guardus G7

Guardus G7 is a totally new concept for the Guard Tour Systems market as it is the only wand available that is able to read low-cost RFID tags (proximity). Guardus G7 is the most durable reader in the market for guard system control. It reads exclusively RF Tags, aksi known as RF-ID. These tags can be hidden behind most surfaces, which prevents vandalism and changes in the aesthetics of the property. Guardas G7 is designed for companies that require a large number of checkpoints for each tour, as lower cost RFID tags can be used for this purpose in place of iButtons.

Data collected and available from both the Guardas G3 and G7 databases includes:

  • The name of the patrol officer who performed the round.
  • The date and time of the visit to each checkpoint.
  • The sequence of checkpoints visited.
  • Any Occurrences recorded during the round. These can be recorded on the optional Numeric Button Keypad.
  • The day on which the supervisor checked the round.
  • Was the round OK or not OK?

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