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Licence Plate Recognition Systems

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How do INEX/ZAMIRís License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR) Technology work?




Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) & Number Plate Recognition (NPR) systems & technology can identiy a vehicle using only its license plate. Because every vehicle carries a unique license plate, no tags or transmitters or external cards need be issued to vehicle owners in order to make their vehicles to be recognisable.

INEX/ZAMIRís license plate recognition systems are based on unique image capturing and proprietary image processing software. The recognition systems use optical character recognition to read the unique licence plates on vehicles.  As the vehicle approaches, the imaging sensor recognises it from the moment it enters its field of view. The sensor can take more than one image per vehicle at vehicle speeds of up to 160kph. The image is processed; the license plate is extracted from the image and the digits are separated and recognised. The license plate number, together with the image and event information, is then stored or forwarded to third party systems and/or is used to activate barriers or alarms etc.

LPR is used in a variety of commercial and private applications. These include access control to private and public locations, revenue and security control.

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