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“In Victoria some 700 serious injuries per annum are attributed to forklift trucks.  Significantly in the majority of cases, injuries did not involve the driver, but adjacent  workers.”


Source: Monash University Accident Research Centre

Do unqualified people have access to your forklifts & vehicles?

Receptor Socket & Data Logger
Immobilisor Receptor Socket & Data Logger


Traka iFob
Traka iFob


The Traka Immobilisor (  Immobilisor 34.6mb) forklift security system was developed to allow Traka’s iFob to be used as an electronic key, initially for controlling unauthorised access to Fork Lifts/Trucks.

The Immobilisor consists of a receptor socket, which receives the iFob, and the data logger which is a metal box containing the electronics. The iFob replaces the conventional activation method and can be used in two modes.

One mode is called iFob per Truck, where the iFob is dedicated for use on a single piece of equipment or a specific vehicle. In principle, a user selects the iFob for the desired equipment at the Traka Key Control Cabinet. The Traka Key Control Cabinet will only allow the user to remove the iFob if his permit for that type of equipment is valid. As soon as he removes the iFob the system records the event, and as the iFob is dedicated to the specific item of equipment, you are able to distinguish who used it whilst the iFob was removed from the cabinet.

The other mode is called iFob per Person. This mode actually generates an iFob to suit the user’s profile. This is done as the iFob is selected from the Traka Key Control Cabinet. The cabinet writes the user profile to the iFob for a pre-determined period of time. During this period the iFob can be used to activate any amount of equipment but only if the type of equipment is contained within the iFob profile. As the iFob is used, it records the equipment activated as well as the duration of use. This information is accumulated within the iFob, and is stored until the iFob is returned to the Traka Key Control cabinet at which time all of the transactions are downloaded. The Immobilisor concept has extensive patent protection.





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