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RLE Technologies (RLE) is a leading provider of water leak detection systems and web-based monitoring solutions for mission-critical facilities.

RLE have sold over 3 million feet of water leak detection cable and more than 10,000 monitoring systems to data centres, computer rooms, telecommunications sites, clean rooms, and remote (unmanned) sites.

RLE manufactures three different types of water detection systems. They are broadly defined as a) Spot Detectors; b) Zone Systems and c) Distance Read Systems.


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Traka International is one of the world’s first Electronic Key Cabinet manufacturers, and their key management products are now available in Australia.

Traka’s cabinets control who may take a key or other assets such as radios, mobile phones and automatically record by date and time both on the cabinet and on the support software the transaction activity. This allows companies to manage accountability in users for both access and control of assets.

Traka’s cabinets come in a range of sizes from the smallest at 10 keys to the largest in excess of 500 keys.


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