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Electronic Access Control Systems

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In this day and age Electronic Access Control Systems are mandatory to protect sensitive operational areas. These systems should lock out unauthorised persons and accurately identify and record the entry and exit of all authorised personnel. The choices that are available to provide this level of electronic access control vary from intelligent key management to biometrics. SET supplies and supports all of these technologies.

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Electronic Key Security Cabinets are a form of electronic access control used to control who may remove a key (or other valuable assets such as 2-way radios, mobile data terminals and mobile phones) from your office. The keys and other assets are securely stored in the key management cabinet and each time a key or asset is removed from the cabinet or returned to the cabinet a record is created. This record contains the identity of the person removing or replacing the asset, and the time and date that it was done. This information is recorded on the cabinet and on the support software. This level of control and record keeping allows companies to manage accountability in users for both access and control of assets.


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Smart cards are read by a smart-card reader attached to a computer system, to authenticate the card and grant access to the user. The smart card reader is also connected to the door’s lock, once the card is authenticated the door will be unlocked and the user can enter. Smart cards resemble credit cards in size and shape and they contain an embedded microprocessor which replaces the magnetic stripe usually found on a credit card or debit card. The microprocessor provides the security as it contains information about the identity and access rites of the user. These access rites may permit access to some areas but restrict access to others. Proximity or Swipe access cards and buttons can also be used to identify individuals and allow access and egress to a pre-defined area by simply scanning the access card or button in front of a reader. The reader then analyses the data stored in the access card or button and determines whether the user has authorised entry based on access level, date and/or time.

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Biometric readers are another method a providing secure electronic access control. Biometrics use unique human characteristics to identify the person seeking entry to a controlled area. For example, a finger can be placed on a reader and the biometric system can identify the unique characteristics of the fingerprint. The reader can then regulate entry permitting only authorised users’ access to the controlled area. Other physical features that can be used include placing the palm of one hand on a special reader or scanning the iris of one eye. Biometric control is much more secure than other forms of electronic access control as it is unlikely that a physical feature can be reproduced for use by another person.

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