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Traka32 is the support software for Traka cabinets. Whilst Traka cabinets do not need to be on-line to the support software, the software is required to configure and maintain the cabinets. The software does not need a dedicated computer and can run as an application on any Window 98 or later computer.

The software gives a graphical representation of the cabinets and allows the user to easily see what activity is happening on each Traka cabinet. The software is used to set up the Users and the Key details and to record long term the events that have taken place. The software will also record any alarms that have been activated, perhaps to show who left the door open or if the power supply has failed.

The software has a wide range of options such as Key Booking where keys can be reserved and Fault Logging allowing maintenance staff to manage reported faults perhaps with the vehicle fleet. An extensive range of reports are included with the ability to tailor their design to suit the user.

Login admin rights allow each user to have their own access profile, perhaps to only access specific regions so for example a police officer cannot see the activity of covert vehicles in other regions.

Traka32 contains its own highly detailed on-line Help facility covering all aspects of the system from installation to use and is maintained to match each software release. Traka32 is also supplied with an easy to use Excel spreadsheet template to help with the initial import of existing User and Key details.
Traka32 is available with the MS  Access 2000 or MS SQL Server 2000 database to suit the size and network requirements of the customer.

Traka32 software is inherently supplied in all the major European languages which automatically match the Windows Regional Settings.

This picture is a snapshot of the Traka32 software window, using the unique Systems Viewer, with a typical view of transactions showing the on-line key audit capabilities.

Traka32 will provide detailed reports for all users, and the keys that they take.

Traka32 also provides graphs depicting the usage of the keys.

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