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Access to the Kingdom Must be Controlled

Access to the Kingdom Must be Controlled

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, the consequences of any security breach can be catastrophic, entailing loss and the risk of liability or non-compliance. Successfully managing the physical access to high-value resources or sensitive information is one of the most proactive ways to safeguard today's corporations.

Access control is the mechanism by which a system grants or restricts the right to access facilities (physical access). Many large enterprises have already deployed technology for physical security. Employees with the appropriate clearances or permissions are provided with smart identification (ID) cards that verify their rights and privileges. Once presented, scanned or inserted into readers, these credentials permit access to secure areas of the workplace, which often include gates, parking garages and warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Increased security risks are now driving the need for more sophisticated solutions including Electronic key control and Smart card and Biometric based access control systems.

SET provides the technologies that unify physical access control functions. Our offerings also include design, development, integration, personalisation, issuance, test and post implementation services to all or individual functions as detailed above.

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