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Maintenance Lockouts

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Maintenance Lockouts

More and more companies are looking for a state of the art method to safely lockout systems whilst critical maintenance and repair work is carried out. These systems can be highly dangerous and if worked on when live could endanger the worker and the entire plant.
So that the keys are managed correctly and to fit into existing health and safety procedures, Traka has added a new Maintenance Lockout Facility option into the Traka32 software to allow Lockouts and Work Permits to be associated to keys in a Traka Cabinet. Only when all the work has been signed off by the users associated to the Lockout and Work Permits will the key be released by the Traka Cabinet to allow the various systems to become active again.
How does it work?
No hardware changes are required to use this option, SET use the standard Traka Key Cabinets and convert them to “Lockout Systems” by upgrading the Traka32 software and Firmware.
Procedure for performing a Lockout
It is important to remember that this procedure was designed for a well know company in South Africa and it might not fit into your existing lockout procedures BUT SET can modify the Traka32 software to accommodate your requirements.

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