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We all know how dangerous it is to drink and drive but as the fleet or safety manager how do you implement a campaign to regularly check your drivers’ alcohol levels?

Now there is a really easy, low cost solution!

You might have already investigated cab mounted alcohol testing equipment but as you will understand, these costs, with installation, $,000’s per vehicle, are a sum that is hard to justify in this ever-competitive world.

To make the system affordable, Traka have teamed up with Alcolock GB, to use the Alcolock breath testing equipment in conjunction with Traka electronic key cabinets.  Now your drivers will be automatically tested before they are even allowed the keys. And by using one Alcolock on each cabinet containing the keys for the vehicles in the whole depot, the cost is dramatically reduced.

Traka can test every driver or randomly check, depending on your chosen settings.  So if you have considered random testing there is no issue of unfair treatment – it is the electronics that make the selection. Traka really will allow you to implement a breath testing policy with minimum disruption to your staff and all at minimum cost.

Yet there are many more reasons to install Traka cabinets  and the computer records they create. This UK designed and manufactured product is used around the world to manage keys in almost every type of industry. For fleet management, Traka regularly pays for itself in less than six months. One police force saved £95,000 in administration costs in just 12 months simply by reducing the processing costs of investigating which policeman was driving when caught by speed cameras!

For your vehicle fleet Traka will:

  •  Ensure that drivers have valid licenses before they are allowed the keys.
  • Save on staff time issuing out and receiving keys.
  • Even warn you when drivers are late - perhaps to ensure that you find a substitute driver in   good time.
  • Make sure keys are returned after every shift.
  • Provide a full, automatic audit trail of who used every vehicle and when.
  • Prompt drivers to report defects as they return the keys.
  • Lock-out the keys to defective vehicles to ensure that dangerous vehicles are not inadvertently taken.
  • Manage the keys for many other items of equipment, buildings, rooms and lockers.

Traka is easily installed and by connecting to your computer network will give you information about every driver’s activity and all from the convenience of your desk.  The range of reports includes utilisation of your whole fleet, listing highs and lows and maybe even allowing vehicles to be moved from one location to another.  

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